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SignUps/month Percent
1 - 5 - 50%
5 - 15 - 60%
15 - 50 - 65%
Over 50 - 70%

We will pay You commission on every signup and rebill you'll send. You'll start from 50% program. It means that you'll have 50% NETTO from ALL signups and rebills you've generated. If you will work well, you'll get more. See the table:

Once you'll generate more than 5 SignUps/month, your percentage will be increased by request.

The team of affiliate program is glad to inform you about the start of the new campaign! The campaign consists in the following: during the period between June 1st and December 31st you will be getting a $150 bonus for each referral drawn in by you. Thus, we will be paying $150 + the standard 5% for each new referral! There's only one condition - throughout the period of the campaign your referral should make at least 10 sales of any kind. Take active part in the campaign and start earning big bucks! Have questions? Contact us!

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